William Rivera, 20
Will was born in Miami, Florida and moved to Georgia when he was 5 years old. Apartment hopping with his Mom and 2 brothers every year until the age of 16 and seeing his family and friends work 24/7 just to pay bills, he quickly realized that he needed to figure out a way to make money.
After being paid bullshit hourly wages and being fired from over 10 jobs he came to the conclusion he could not work for anybody and would need to find a way to make money without trading time for it to be able to provide for his loved ones while still living the lifestyle he desired. 
At age 18, he began to sell shoes and flip phones on eBay making a couple hundred dollars his first month. In May 2017, he graduated from high school and his family moved to Ohio for a lower cost of living. That same year he enrolled into a local community college and was put on academic probation within a couple months. He dropped out, got a full-time job at LA Fitness, started selling phones again and began his research on making money online.  
Several months, thousands spent, and courses later he built his first online drop shipping business and it was an absolute failure. Worried, stressed and pissed he started to go to networking events to meet other like-minded people entrepreneurs. There he met his mentor and now business partner Drew Evans and the rest is history. 
After meeting Drew, someone who was already killing it with dropshipping, he was motivated to try the business again. After 3 more failed stores he finally created a successful drop shipping store that opened his eyes to the endless amount of possibilities in the e-commerce industry.
Fast forward a year later, Will has now made and partnered on over 25+ online stores, made over 7 figures in sales online and teaches over
500+ students worldwide how to make money online. 
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Drew Evans, 21

Drew was born and raised just outside of Atlanta Georgia. Growing up finances were always very tight so he began working minimum wage jobs at age 15 to play for all of his bills. After quitting 5 different jobs he quickly realized that he simply would not be able to work for someone else. Drew attended college for 2 years before realizing that it was simply sucking the passion out of of his life & taking up too much time to go all-in on business. He went against all odds in the summer of 2017 when he dropped out of college & moved across the country within a week.

“I needed more than a fresh start to achieve the level of success I wanted, so I moved away & surrounded myself with people who were f*cking killing it. I was dead broke.”

He had officially begun working 60 hour weeks on business now, determined to come back home with something to show his family. Ebay & Shopify Dropshipping, Amazon FBA, Crypto investing, Digital Marketing, Content Creation, etc… he tried it all... After several months & start-ups later Drew moved back to Atlanta with a little bit of money & a whole lot of determination. He started an entrepreneur conference called “ Young Hustlers” in which he met his partner Will Rivera, a young bull ready to make some serious changes in his life. That was January 2018...

Since then Drew & Will have already generated far over 6 figures in online sales, built an Artificial Intelligence marketing agency, and mentored almost 200 people worldwide in starting a profitable online business.


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Sam Maxwell, 20

General Manager

Sam was born in Houston, Texas. Throughout his childhood he moved a good bit due to his dads job. From Texas to Philadelphia for 3 years then to London overseas for 2 years and Atlanta since the last 8 years. Fortunate to always have supportive and caring parents that always made sure he had what I needed. But when it came to things you wanted, they have also always were stern on showing nothing is an entitlement. Having a successful, hard working father who never got a college degree, they never forced college to be part of his plan but if he didn’t follow there rules, once you turn 18 you are 100% on your own. Throughout high-school Sam always worked hard but also loved to battle heads with his parents with there rules. Didn't care much for school, rarely ended up going. Once deciding to quit sports, partying turned into the #1 priority and didn’t really care about much but what was going on Friday- Sunday every week. Junior year ended up going to a Military Academy in Virginia for a year to put that in perspective on how things were going at home. Came home senior year and graduated from Lambert High-School in 2016. That summer didn’t follow through with the guidelines from mom and dad to get there support and since then haven’t received any financial help from them.


Attended University of North Georgia freshman year in Athens. Rarely went to class nor tried. Had no idea why he was in school, didn’t know what he was doing, had no motivation, gained a ton of weight for all that know. Had just enough money in the bank to coast through the year for bills and give an allowance to himself. Ended up spending majority of it before the first semester was over and things started to fall apart. Sophomore year he ended up moving home, school near his parents house which was the absolute last place he wanted to be and decided to drop out shortly after. So he continued to pursue the pressure washing business and started to get into contracting work.

Entrepreneur Background

The summer after Sam turned 16, he started a pressure washing company in his neighborhood while working his first job for minimum wage at the neighborhood golf course.  Started doing a few jobs for family friends, then word of mouth started to do its work and soon enough was doing a few houses a day over the weekends and even jobs after school. Quit his job and bought a truck. Business continued to go well and keep getting into more neighborhoods, doing HOA neighborhood jobs, more than just driveways, pool patios, exteriors of homes, patios, and painting. After a successful summer using a Lowes $500 pressure washer and like $300 in upgraded equipment, profiting a few thousand dollars, his dad invested into it. Some industrial equipment, a box truck and help turn the company into a legitimate business. Now 5 years later the business has completed not just over half of the 900 homes in our neighborhood but the entire neighborhood (27 miles of sidewalks and curbs), multiple other neighborhoods, hundreds of corporate and residential locations throughout the state of GA (Zaxbys, Chic-Fil-A, Taco Bell, KFC, Texaco). Now has 3 company trucks, 3 rigs and a full time crew working all year long. Ever since high-school and now still most people knew / know Sam by “the kid who pressure washes”. Running this business educated him over the years how to operate a business from top to bottom. He learned how deal with all types of situations, payroll, how to hire / train, bidding, invoicing, custom service skills and so much more.

Ecom Degree Story

Bought it on November 13th, 2018. Had zero knowledge of the entire industry. Within 24 hours made his first sale. Pretty much lived at Drew and Wills for 3 weeks, staying up days in a row just constantly working and learning. Hit $12k in sales on first store within 2 weeks, profited $3k and sold the store for $3k. Since then he has created 5 stores, generated over $250k in gross sales and profited 6 digits in his first 3 months. Now Sam is the General Manager of Ecom Degree.  


Khalil Hayes, 23

Early Childhood

Khalil was born in Norcross, Georgia. Raised by his mom until the age of six, they went through many struggles; From renting out rooms in their own home and nights without water or heat, it was rough. He was raised though, by a strong woman that never gave up. She started her own entrepreneurial journey and set a path for Khalil to be able to start his own journey.

Entrepreneur Background

At the age of 12 he started his first small business, “Khalil’s Odd Jobs”, doing whatever he could from lawn work, to dog sitting, and even painting, charging his own prices and negotiating with adults as a kid. From their he moved on to actually working a regular job and getting familiar with the workforce. As young as he was, he was super ambitious and started off as a busser, while still in school. After graduating at 16, he decided to work there until he could figure out what his next move was. His mom and stepdad never pushed college on him, so he raised quickly through the ranks in the restaurant and cleared nearly every position, besides manager. He started an online eBay business and ran a successful store for someone of the age of 16/17 in 2012.  He even did music for a short time with a group that managed to make 6 figure views on YouTube. Yet, feeling as if it all wasn’t enough and wanted to pursue music further, he decided to give college a try.  


He decided on going to Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL. As cool as the school was, it was still school for him. Going to class, being taught and regurgitating the information for test, was literally driving him insane. School killed the passion for music that he had and eventually he dropped out. He started making money any way that he could and eventually stumbled into a MLM company. After spending two years with that company, he decided to live off his business in Florida and ended up helping some people that didn’t end well in his favor. A few hard lessons later he moved back home. Stuck in a loop, he decided to work back at his first job and absolutely hated it. He started reaching out to a couple of friends, started his own dance channel and networking with the successful individuals he did know.  

Ecom Degree Story

After going to a Mastermind meet up Khalil was connected with Will. They both connected with each other and realized the hunger each one had. Khalil joined E-Com Degree University in October of 2018 and hasn’t looked back since. He’s not only used the knowledge he gained from the course for himself, he’s helped many other students in the course become successful as well. He’s consistently there to answer any and all questions and hop on calls to assist even the newest students. He’s a strong believer in helping others and his hunger for success has helped him rise up and be noticed by many students in the program. He’s now a valuable asset to the team and working along side the founders of E-com Degree to make it the best course anyone could be apart of.