Ecom Degree

$100,000 in 6 Days - Ecom Blueprint


We have officially cracked the code! Learn how 2 members from the Ecom Degree Team took a Shopify store from 0 - $100,000 in sales in less that 1 week!

True Profit Margins:

You will see the exact profit margins including down to the monthly Shopify charge! We will show you how much money we spent in total on Facebook / Instagram Advertising, what our total product cost was, and the fees that came along the way.  

Exact Products From Our Store: 

We are exposing the specific products we ran on our store, the cost/price we bought and sold for, and the strategies we used to spice everything up! We have included information regarding the good's & bad's that we experienced with our suppliers, and how you can avoid small errors that we made in trusting our suppliers. 

Exact Advertising We Used:

The blueprint will include screenshots of the EXACT ad images / edits that were used, the exact audiences/interests that we targeted, and the specific platforms that worked & did NOT work for us. 

Viral Product Research:

We break down the specific strategies that we use to find not just winning products, but explosive-viral products! How to stay on top of products that are literally worldwide best-sellers.

Save-Your-Ass Preparation:

Let's face it... most of us are probably truly not prepared to jump directly into a 6-figure / week business (I know we were not). There are issues that you can run into when you are doing thousands of dollars daily, while spending thousands of dollars daily on ads. You HAVE to know how to avoid pay-out holds so that you do not have to come out of pocket to pay for ads. Make sure that you have put in the back end work to save your ass in the long run! 

The "Snow Ball Effect" Scaling Strategy:

How to ensure you win with a solid product. We will show you how we started profitably spending $30 / day on day 1 to thousands of dollars on day 3. When to specifically scale, duplicate and cut all of your ads.

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